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About Us

Our Company
“Every drop of water speaks of itself”

We had set up a sale & marketing office in Suzhou, a city with well-organized infrastructure but surrounded by historical ambient (Jiangsu Province, about 90 km from Shanghai) for ease of customer visit.

Our factory located in Liyang City ( Jiangsu Province, about 140 km from Suzhou city ). The manufacturing floor is a large workshop equipped with state-of-the-art automated machinery; operate by experienced engineers and highly skilled people who are dedicated to product quality.

In the factory, we have superb design facilities to carry out vessel design calculation which comply with international standards such as ASME, JB, and others.
Most importantly, we have the experiences and understanding of client needs, which accumulated from our staffs that have been worked on water treatment systems and filter vessel for many years.

Our manufacturing engineering and production team are continually engaged in developing new and innovative products, and production processes for the future.

Our project engineers travel to numerous countries to carry out installation & commissioning of the water treatment system and assist our overseas agents to perform a technical presentations, site visit,s and training.
Our Factory

“Ongoing Improvement Is Our Direction”
Company Information

SUZHOU RUICKLY PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. is one of the subsidiary companies under Freevalley Inc.

We have global business coverage, committed to offer innovative and reliable products with strong technical support for wide range of industrial applications.

Freevalley Group is an international water treatment and filtration solution provider. As reputation and business grew, Ruickly expands its business into the Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and South America market, diversifying its product range and has enjoyed substantial growth ever since. With worldwide customers from more than 32 countries, Freevalley Group now boasts a continental reach spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America.
Ruickly is a ISO 9001 and ASME certified company.
Mission Statement


Provide quality products and services with commitment, innovation
and continuous development.
History & Milestones of Ruickly


Founded by Mr. Chen, a chemical engineer with 25 years experience in water treatment systems, started water treatment system business in 1996.

Followed by a rapid growth of market and due to demand of quality stainless steel filter housing increased significantly. Ruickly started to design and manufacture stainless steel filter housings.

Product recognized by clients and market, Ruickly expand its’ stainless steel housings production by 4 times to cope with demand.

Ruickly’s high quality stainless steel fabrication attracted interest of client in different industries, started manufacture OEM UV stainless steel chamber for some world UV system market leader.

With high market demand of small sizes auto cleaning or auto backwash filtration system, Ruickly started R&D on Self Cleaning filtration system.

Ruickly’ started design and manufacture it’s own UV System.

Ruickly launched its first Self Cleaning filtration system and the production capacity growth rapidly

Ruickly set up Sales & Marketing office in Suzhou, with company name “SUZHOU RUICKLY PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD."

Today, Ruickly is an international product provider of water treatment system, stainless steel filter housing, UV system, automatic self cleaning filtration system and other liquid filtration product. Over the years, Ruickly has continued to expand in terms of turnover, facilities, people and market share.

Our plan for the future is clear : To be recognized worldwide as company with high quality, well engineered solutions to water treatment and filtration problems.

Customer Service


Ruickly firmly believe that excellent customer service is crucial for customer satisfaction and company growth. Therefore, we are equipped with agility and flexibility to fulfill customers’ specifications and requirements.

Problem Reporting


Please contact us via telephone, fax, email, SMS, whatsapp or WeChat to report any product problem, we will either respond with an immediate remedy action or notify the necessary investigation procedures and time require. If you are dissatisfied with our response, please contact one of the company directors, he or she will reply to you personally

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We are keen to looking for oversea companies to become our distributor
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